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August 2nd
Arrived at Folly Quarter , Friday
at 12:30 P. M., a caravan composed
of five wagons, a day bin, a buggy
a cart and four bicycles bringing
goodly stores for the "probation
court" as well as the pick of
Sandy Spring, New Jersey, St Louis
Denver and Govanstown.
Mrs. Carter of Cartersville, well
assisted gave us a tempting
spread which soon found to
be "out of sight" but great loss
was sustained by chicken bones
being pitched out of the window
instead of serving for Saturdays
Hammocks and bed-ticks next
were filled, the former "up to di
limit" the latter with the straw
that broke the angels backs.

Notes and Questions

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Line 1 - line under nd of 2nd with a single double quotation mark under the line


line 7 a dot under the single double quotation mark.


line 7 - well is underlined


I have noticed that this person puts a dot to the right of the strait line of a t instead
crossing the t.


Line 14 might be sight instead of right.