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Saturday _
As usual the boys were down on time
and as the hens came straggling in
they whispered to the formers great
delight of the (un)canny performance
which they said made the owls shudder.

After relishing a splendiferous lay out
prepared by our [nuns?] Failing chaperons
thi gamblers adjouned to thier Folly
Quarter, and the knowledge _ [?]
to their far away haunts, yet not so
secluded as to kill the notorious yell
of Brimley [?] _ The signals bring slightly
mixed and [mid?] a shower of [?] _
[?] hands played by their opponents
[?] William and his H.[U?].S quit
thi diggins with Palmer and spud
on their way up hill and down [?].
over babbling Brookes, Rich with
thi ling-a-ling sounds of whistling

In crossing the [?] [?] line
they felt free to [?] them selves as

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Line 14 Brimley is double underlined. also on the same line


on line nine, a strange squiggly line is between words [nuns?] and failing.