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With one new member
A happy band we'll be
for we're once more camping
Hurrah! A three times three

The Old Man was again invited this time
to take tea, went home to make his toilet
and we laid ourselves out per the Experiemnet
Talker & Entertainer & then we waited for our
guest. He had not appeared & supper was
in pressing need of being eaten, when the
teasing Brother arrived saying that we should
wait no longer, accordingly we sat down, & three
guests came soon after. Our first meal by
lamp- lightwas much enjoyed especially by the chappie, who has
a weakness for supper. Then Nurse , Histi +
Baby cleared away with the teasing Brother's
assistance. When a white hore was seen
approaching he kindly divested Nurse of her
apron + sent her forth to welcome its rider,
taking her place at the tea towl. She thought

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