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Christmas project this year we furnish
clothes for children in our own community
who need them. She asked Ruth Perine as
Education Chairman to keep us informed
as to needs.

Rachel Lo Buorno accepted
the responsibility of writing to a foreign
English speaking family through the
Council of Internation Clubs.

Members was asked to bring to the next
meeting anything that could he given to the
Thrift Shop.

An announcement was made of the
PJA's effort to start some adult education
classes at night. Each class must have
8-10 persons and there is a fee of $1.00

Alva Beavers introduced Mrs. Marey
who told us the following interesting facts.
There is a Penny Art Fun and clubs are rated
according to 100% giving. This money is used
to support American artists. The money contributed
in Maryland is used in Maryland to purchase
pictures to form a travelling picture gallery.
This gallery is available to groups for exhibition
Mrs. Morey also told us of the formation of Women
Clubs in Germany and Japan to promote

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