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January 12, 1949

The Wednesday Club met Jan 12
at Manor Club with Jean Bird as
hostess. The meeting was called to
order. The treasurer reported a balance
on hand Jan 13 of $ 156.34. The corresponding
secretary reported letter had been written to
Pitzer Cashell and Mary Grady. There was
no report from the membership committee.
Ruth Perine reported that our Christmas
project had been completed very satisfactorily
There were new clothes + toys for each
of the nine children - stockings filled -
presents for the mother + father. Miss Jones,
Public Health Nurse, delivered the packages
to the family + reported they were very much

Helen Powell, Chairman of the Budget
Committee presented the new budget.
After a motion by Rachel Lo Buorno to
reduce the 15.00 proposed to
the Cancer Fund to 10.00 the budget
was approved.

The new committtes were
appointed and are as follows:

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