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Blood and Lillian Shillinger. Theda
Porter moved and the club approved
that these and any other applications
be reserved and voted on at the May

Announcement was made of the
card party for the benefit of St. John's Community
Parish house at Olney Thurs. April 28 at

Deborah Wilson reported on the the
50th Anniversary celebration of Federated
Clubs in Baltimore. She was particularly
impressed by a chorus of children who
sang at the morning meeting. Dr.
Barter, Chairman of National Conference
spoke on child welfare and told of the
value of the White House conference and
Lon as a result of the first conference where
Hoover was president widespread
interest in pediatrics grew. The matter
of the conference in Build a By Not Mend
a Man. The 1958 White House Conference
will include some young people.
Then there was a luncheon served after
which Mrs. Theodore Chapman of the

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