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of the afternoon he appeared to be a sleeping partner.

Questions- What would you do if your beets
had all been plowed under this morning?
Plant them again at once, they will soon mature.

Is it too late to plant onion setts? Rather late

Tarred paper tied around plum trees is said to
keep off their great enemy the curculio.

Is your asparagus doing as well as common? No,
the supposed cause is the cold weather.

Will it make peaches fall off the trees to plow an
orchard as late of the 1st of June?
Plow shallow if at all, some thought it too late.

Is it too late to plant 25 acres of corn? Advised
to try the experiment.

How is your ice keeping? all the ice houses had
settled down considerably since filling, the one
which had sunk least was a cube of 15 feet
with a fodder roof next the ice and a board roof
outside, it is shut up so completely as to be
quite dark inside

Does the flowering blackberry bloom out of doors?
Advised to bring it within doors before cold weather.

How do you wash milk things. Some use Sal-soda
in the water, and some prefer soap. Two ladies
present do not need either but make very hot
water and a plenty of it answer every purpose.

Can we raise pea nuts in this latitude?
Not successfully.

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Curculio is a type of weevil