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about the "old [place hen?]" _ and read it
well in spite of the Dutchness of it. We
then adjourned to meet at Tanglewood
June 5the
Susanna L. Thomas. Sec.

113 Meeting.
For some years our society has always
had one meeting during harvest, from which many
of the members were absent, and that which
convened at Tanglewood, on June 5th was
no exception to the rule. Philip T. Stabler was
chosen foreman, or rather it was his turn to
serve, according to the new dispensation, and
Mary Bentley Thomas was asked to serve as
secretary, principally we believe because she
always has a pencil in her pocket, and some
of the others do not.

Arthur Stabler & wife, Llewellyn Massey &
wife, George Stabler & wife, Wm Lea & wife, Mary
B. Kirk, Mahlon Kirk Jr_ Mary L. Moore & Mary
E. Gilpin were acceptably with us. Our attention
was attracted to a beautiful herd of
cows, nearly all Jersey apparently, which we
suppose had just been called by the front
gate to induce them to lie down there, or lean
gracefully agains trees, and so make a pleasing

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