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impression upon us as we entered the premises,
and we all know the importance of first convictions
in any case _ Our hostess has
succeeded in persuading quite a pretty sod
to cover her lawn, and as she has always had
trees in abundance, two of the requisites of a
country home may be noted. A gigantic
lily called forth a good many ohs'_ and
the roses were said to be fine by those who
knew _ both gardens looked well and neatly
kept, and thrifty young orchard looked as if
it had been washed and dressed that day.

Those present were so full of wisdom,
that there really seemed to be no subject on earth
that they were not sufficiently informed on, judging
by the small number of questions propounded _

What ails my roses _ the buds turn brown,
leaves curl up _ Too much shade or dry

Does it pay to rub brasses before putting
away _ Best to have them bright, then wrap in paper _

With clover & wheat to cut, corn & potatoes to
plant _ which shall I do first. That which seems
most pressing.

A visitor stated that his chickens had
never had the gapes since he put them in
coops with tight floors.

Where to keep feather beds in summer _

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