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115th Meeting

The Home Interest met at Lucknow Aug 7th
1880, and was called to order by E. P. Thomas, foreman.

Many of our members were absent but their
places were acceptably filled by the following guests
Isaac & Annie Hartshorne, Granville and Pattie
Farquhar, Margt Magruder, Carrie Bond, Chas & Lizzie
Stabler, Rose & Jennie Stabler, & Kate Thomas.

We were invited to take our usual walk to
note the various improvements that have been added
since our last meeting. A new feature was a promising
looking flower garden, and a beautiful white
hydrangea attracted much admiration. We did
not visit the large barn or dairy, having already
seen them. A vegetable garden which was quite
as beautiful as any of its kind, our hostess assured
us gave abundance of excellent vegetables, & what more
could one ask. We noticed some grape vines running
on the ground, presumably endeavoring to conceal
themselves from their numerous enemies,
under a fine growth of ragweed grass etc. But we
also noted other fine vines trained in the proper
style, & full of grapes. Our host or hostess whichever
runs the ornamental part of the concern,
has succeeded in getting a very pretty lawn.
A road leading up to the front door only being
being defined with stakes, led some unfortunates to

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