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One of our guests think we discuss bugs
rather too much_ but we have found that
the little bugs can rout the big ones if we
do not make war on them_ so much
discuss ways and means.

How to prevent shoes squeaking, A
[?] of pigs down the middle of the sole
will prevent the shoe complaining, but
but how about the unfortunate wearer. Oiling
the edges of the sole will prevent the squeak.

Why does B. H. Millers early corn
prove to be a failure_ Because he plants too
early. Is it too late for compost heap
No_ Good sod with succulent weeds that
will decay rapidly will probably do it_

Which is the earliest tomato_ Trophy_ Ac...?
& one mentions canned tomato as an early kind.

Dust of any kind will drive fleas from
the cabbage plants. The chip bar still
continues empty in spite of invitations to fill
it. Three or four scraps being handed in
only some to make us wish for more_

Adjourned to meet at Lucknow Aug
7th 1880. Albinia O. Stabler, & W. H. Brooke
requested to furnish reading at our next

Susanna L. Thomas_ Sec.

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