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last of June, by using the following recipe -
Brine to bear an egg, add two table spoons of
strong vinegar, & lump loaf sugar size hens egg,
these to be boiled.

Has any gentleman present had any experience
with celluloid collars. One has worn
one for several months, price 35 cents, button the same.

Some have used parrafine paper, but
it must be used on firm butter only.

Adjourned to meet by special invitation
at Granville Farquhars Aug 28th 1880.

Caroline L. Brooke Sec. pro tem.


"Distance lends enchantment to the view"
they tell us, and we are tempted to take it on
trust, when we are forced to drive for nearly
a mile, held at arms length from the object of
our desire, and when at last we reach the
gate, we feel like just driving by it, but we
dont_ we succumb, & drive in_ turn a few
more corners_ and find ourselves at the
hospitable home of Walter H. Brooke, on
the evening of Sept 25 th 1880.

Quite a number of our members were
present with Eliza Miller & Louisa S. Brooke
as our only guests. Owing to our protracted

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