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Do you keep the bung of a cider barrel
out. Yes.

How to keep butter, Wrap in butter cloths
then in paper it will keep three months.

Gooseberry bushes can be move in
Spring or Fall_ or any time after they are
done bearing.

Can Altheas be moved now. Yes.

When is the best time to trim grapes_ Should
be done very early_ or any time after the
grapes form in June. When to put fertilizers
around grapes. At once.

How to treat roses to have them live
and bloom in the house. Keep in pots_ cut
back in bloom.

Ought one to put straw under carpets.
Yes & no_ equally divided.

What is the Augusta rose. No one can tell.

How shall an orange tree be budded.
James Stabler can and will do it.

How to cure hams. Use salt & salt
petre pack in salt 5 weeks then rub into
black pepper & smoke.

Soot & clabber mixed used for chicken cholera
Copperas round drain. Pattie R. Stabler
& E. P. Thomas continued as readers.

Adjourned to meet at Wm S Bond's
Nov 6th 1880. A. L. Moore Sec. Pro tem

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Althea is a flowering plant of the mallow family.


Clabber is a type of soured milk.