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absent, Anna L. Moore was appointed pro
tem and Benjamin Miller gracefully accepted
the honor of being foreman_ without even making
a grimace. After reading the minutes
the usual walk was taken to view the vegetable
& flower gardens, the fit for winter
plants, and the very substantial new barn_
whose timbers timbers promise many years of usefulness.
The beautifully swept wood shed_ and the
fine poultry house were reported to the sec.
who unfortunately not anticipating her office
had not provided thick shoes, for the occasion
and saw [Lunacy?] in the evening [di__ ?].

After endeavoring to do duty for all our
absent members, at a well spread supper table
we returned to our labors. A very unwelcome
note from Albina Stabler tendering her resignation
as a member was received with regret
and a committee of one (S. T. Miller) was
requested to labor with her, or her husband
whom we feared was the impractible party.

How to cure gapes in chickens. Dry food
wheat screening & grease of [tartre?]_

Shall ladies go to the Local Option meeting
at Hollands corner_ Great indecision_

How to keep pickles in summer_ good
vinegar put in small jars, and mustard
Boiling the vinegar suggested_

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