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desire for knowledge is displayed that our
time is all too short. And the first question is
must we aid The [Sopers?]? That name sounds
ominous, but some one remarked that this
time we have to deal with hard sopers
so all doubts as to our old enemy take flight
though a thought will linger as to the possibility
of its being the same in a new guise. At all
events we conclude that these Sopers are
not objects of Charity, and that they cannot be
helped by the B.A.S. but must depend on
private help.
2. Will not water in cream injure the quality of
the butter? All agree that it will. To stand
the cream in wam water is considered best.
How can I tell if my roses are injured? Cover them
now and spring will decide the question.
What shall we do with the Burris Children?
Put them in some house of Refuge.
How to prevent mould in pit? Do not water too freely.
Why does the copper cylinder in my pump wear
out? Too thin.
Which is the best kind of three horse plow?
What kind of boots to keep dry a pair of feet
that will go everywhere? Strong boots well greased,
cotton stockings advised in preference to woolen.
Shall we blanket our horses? While the
gentlemen are much divided on the subject

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What or who is a Soper?