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119th mg
The evening of the 12th Mo.4th found our
society represented at Mt. Airy in rather
an unusual manner every member being
present, excepting three with the addition
of eight guests.

The minutes of last meeting having been
read, cause us to feel ourselves in a more
dreadful condition than we were aware of,
in fact on the brink of that awful plunge
into dissolution, from which nothing can
save us but prompt and immediate measures.
Our last meeting being unusually
small we are accused of lack of interest
in our society, when realy it was in most
cases excess of interest in our horses, many
having slight [Epigootz?], and we feared the
steady cold rain might injure them, so let
us have credit for any good actions.

We find on discussing the subject of some change
in the H.I. that a few of us would like all
play and no work, but are still willing to exert
ourselves to make our society a better one than
it has been, and would take "onward and upward"
from our motto. A committee of six, 1/4
of our members was appointed to discuss the
question and report to our next meeting. We
tremble to know our fate. But a word to
the wise in sufficient and such an increased

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