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in that time? What have we of interest and
instruction recorded in our minutes to
hand down to proceeding generations?
Time in his relentless course has left some
furrows upon our brow. We have had
sorrows mingled with our joys, and much
for which to be thankful. Our social
meetings have served to keep our hearts
serene and fine, thus furnishing another
brick in the great chain of love intended
to bind us together. As the surfing tide
of time rolls on , during the next seventeen
years, we must expect it to affect more
changes in our mindset. By that time many
of us, now present, may have shed the problem
of life, have been called upon to settle our
final account. Let us forfit by our

The 1st question of the evening was
What do you give your laboring men to drink?
Most give them tea, others use the Extractona

2 nd How much freezing will Lettuce bear?
Ans It does not injure it to freeze provided
you do not water it.
Will a Lemon tree bear fruit
without grafting?

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