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189 Meeting

On the 23rd Jan 1888 the "Home Interest"
met at Falling Green. Had it been our
privilege we could not have selected a more
propitious time. The evening proved beautifully
calm, and the excellent condition of the roads
for the season was unprecedented. Seven of the
members were absent, but a number of guests
were present. We were favored with the
company of our friends Thomas and Ellen
Smith of Pa, also Mrs Thomson and daughter
Edith, and Miss Carrie Farquhar, Margaret
Magrunder and others. Our new President
assumed his duties, but we are sorry to record
the absence of our able Sect from indisposition.
C.N. Stabler was appointed to fill the
vacancy. As the descent of the good
reminded us of the fact that the hour for
business had arrived, some of us seemed to
realise afresh that the beginning of another
year with its increased duties and responsibilities
was upon us. As we reflect that we
as an organization are now in the 18th
year of our existance, the mind naturally
takes a retrospective view, and the question
arises, What have we as a Society achieved

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