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H/5/1897 -4-
The first item of new business
was the reading of a note from
George F. Nesbitt Jr. which stated
that the Mistress of "Hillcrest" was
an applicant for membership. We
immediately proceeded to an election,
and the hope and expressed
that the Master of Hillcrest may accept
his share of the honor conferred
upon the home by having
its name entered upon our list as
number Twenty. After the balloting
we entered upon an earnest discussion
of the needs of our Society, in
the present and for the future
in which almost, if not quite all the
members took part and which resulted
the referring of various suggestions
and motions to two committees.
Mary E. Gilpin Francis D. Stabler and
John C. Bentley were asked to consider
those relating to By-laws,
and the question as to what ought
to be the character of the Horticulture
supper, was referred to S. L.Thomas,
C. M. Brooke, A. B. Kirk, C. M. Farquhar,
C. H. Bentley and A. F. Brooke.

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