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Journal &c.

6 mo 16th 1827

Left New York at 10 1/2 o'clock A.M. on 7th day
in the Steam Boat and in about one hour
reached the fine Packet Ship "Pacific"
Bound for Liverpool then lying at anchor off the Quarantine
having dropped down thate afternoon
before. This ship is ranked among the
best belonging to the port both on act. of
its trim, and rapid sailing: Commanded
by Captain Rowland R. Crocker - Mate,
Thaddeus Pickens, 2nd Mate Jno Jenks, Sixteen
Able fine looking Seamen, Stewart, 2 Waiters,
2 Cooks, Cabin boy, one general Servant
and a live stock attendant, which
made up the Ships Crew, and having
on board J. P. Stabler from Maryland,
Cornelius Laurence his wife & servant woman
from New [shorthand] York. – J Bentejac [shorthand]Lady [shorthand]
and female Servant from N. Y., E Harris
Lady & female Servt from Phila, [shorthand]
[shorthand] Mrs T Vance an Irish Lady [shorthand]
lately from Vera Cruz (Mexico) with
four Sons Patrick, Thomas, Alexander & James
and one daughter (about 15) [shorthand]. Don
Alonzo [Jaurz] Fernandez & Servant boy,
Paedro from Spain – Wm Langsdon from

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Anybody out there who recognizes standard shorthand, or archaic shorthand, or whether James' shorthand might be a personal invention?