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char Town S.C. [shorthand] James Templeton [shorthand] lately
from Vera Cruz; Don José Mariade [Ageo.] from
Spain – Robert Wilson [shorthand] from Mobile
James D. P. Ogden N. J., Jacob H Clark Am.
Consul (Lubec)* (a Bostonian). W. C. Jackson,
an Englishman who had made a Short "tour"
Geo Hamilton a young man from Ch Town SC
A. P. Pillot a French Mercht from Chston
and Martin Frederick a german confectioner lately
from Augusta Ga making in all fifty two
Souls [shorthand]. Wind & tide being against
us, I had an opportunity of examing
the Ship before weiging anchor, and
while the Vessel was Still – She is
135ft upon deck and from the deck to
the top of the mainmast 138ft, and her
Burthen 600 Tons, Loaded at present with
about 10,000 bushels of corn in bulk, and
the bal of the cargo, Cotton. It would
take pages to describe fully every comfort
and convenience, as well as absolute
Luxury that proffers their and to
render our voyage a pleasant one.
I may sum the whole up in
a few words by saying that but for
the motion of the Ship alone, and
the noise of the water, we might

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