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that which may waft us over
the narrow Sea that separtes
time from Eternity! _: The reflection
is really an awful one – but
why should it be so? _ Some
have affirmed that a familiarity
with the Sublime and Stupendous
in the works of nature will
deface every feeling of
awe with which we were inspired
on beholding them for the first time.

The remark may be true – and
why may not a contemplation of the
uncertainty of Time, and that period
of It which is to close our
acquaintance with Earth and
its dependencies become divested
of its power to appal the
Human mind? _ Because, there
is but our thing that can: — and
that is, a consciousness of our
being prepared to enter into
that "untried State" * where change
shall be no more. If then
the contemplation of such
a scene does fill the Soul
with awe, or dread, may
* {shorthand}

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