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it not be an evidence that
the subject is not So familiar
as it should be — that the injunctions
of the wise King to "consider thy
latter end" is not as Scrupulously
obeyed, as are our impulses
to enjoy the moments as they pass
— And why should death
alarm us? — why should we
regret for a moment, that which
is inevitable – and may be converted
to the greatest of all blessings
a transition from trial to reward,
from vicissitude and change to
the fruition of every good – and
this for a period or state more
interminable than the rolling
of those waves, which have been
the cause of this digression from
the intended plan of my notes.

Oh may I then with a heart
filled with gratitude to Him who
"rides upon the whirlwind and
directs the storm" – who weigheth
the mountains as in a balance
and whom the winds and waves
obey, for every mercy hitherto

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