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direction. Motion of the vessel
considerable but the water does not appear
much rougher than I have seen
the Potomac – except the swell.
I have had no symptoms of Sea
Sickness yet, that I know of, except
that my head aches and seems
very full of brains or something
else possessing more gravity than
the fumes of ether, all this notwg
I have sometimes born the character
of wearing a light head — the
truth is my head is getting light
if it never was before, and since
writing the foregoing have thought –
its might must have settled
about the gastric regions.

No monsters of the deep
yet to be seen except a few
porpoises who are rolling themselves
to and fro as if playing
leap frog – Those who never
saw them may imagine (if they
have "fine imaginations" as somebody,
or somebody else says.)
a fish from 3 to 6 ft long dark
coloured and two to 4 ft in girth

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