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dispensed, confidently look up
for preservation and support, during
every trial that may yet be
dispensed; — not more for succur
and preservation to the poor dust
which my Spirit animates, – for
it matters but little in comparison
to what becomes of that — whether
it moulders with its kindred
and native earth at home, or
in a foreign clime, or finds a
grave beneath the billows of
the "Vasty deep" — but, that
the "Soul may be kept embalmed
and pure in living virtue.

That whom both must sever
Altho' corruption may this frame command
The immortal Spirit may forever bloom.

But to return from a digression
as unexpected as perhaps as foreign
to the purpose of my notes, as
unexpectedly introduced.
The Supper we have now been
about 10 hours at Sea and
not within a hundred miles
of land — and since Breakfast
have discovered a sail in S.W.

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