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inhabitants I' spose _ just before
Sunset the wind sprung up from
the SE. Sitting upon the Stern of the
ship looking towards the Western
world and my thoughts somewhat
divided between it and the watery
expanse around me _ my attention
was suddenly arrested by the Sight
of a Whale within 20 or thirty yds
of the Spot upon which I was seated.
He came up to "Spout" I supposed
but finding himself so near a monster
superior in dimensions to himself
he was soon down _ part of his
back and tail were in view and
perhaps six or 8 feet in height &
15 or 20 in length above the surface. was as
much as he exhibited to my wond'g
view. _ I continued to watch and
in the course of about five minutes
another, or himself, rose again
and made his oration _ then
bid us a final adieu _ his
distance then from 3 to 500 yards -

5th day 21st. _

A poor nights rest last night
owing the noise of the Cabin folks
playing cards {shorthand} . -

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