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The waves appear to be running about
twenty feet in height this morning -
- but little wind to steady the ship
yet - increased about nine o clock
and made it more lively _ A Shark
seen near the ship according to report
with a view of whose monstership
I was not favoured _ Our ship
hogs pigs chickens ducks geese and
turkeys all Sea Sick _ and our
furnisher of the "lacteal flood"
to wit the cow, not behind them
altho' she has tried it before._
_ It appears to go harder with the
chickens (than any of the fowls.)
who go blind _ The Hogs appear
to mind it the least._ Steering
a little N of E'ly but little wind -
and the same wide and uniform
Horizon meets the view in every
direction. - The Water appears to
rise all around us _ and we in
a valley "safely moored" _
Latitude by obsvt to day 37° 6' _
Long 17 dg East of N York _ A calm
this evening and a sail in sight
bearing SE of us - can just percep
her top gall[ant] and sail set

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