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bubble - The 123 & 4 etc. appear to be
a kind of anttenae used as balast
2nd day Morng 25th
A little wind this morning from
SSE but quite transient -- at 10
o clock entirely calm - the sea
resembling one entire sheet of glass
as far as the eye can reach on every
side -- the water as transparent
almost as ether -- at least is appears
as if we could see 25 or 30 ft down
I can distinguish clearly a nail head
in the rudder which is 15 ft 6 inches
from the surface -- We are now
opposite the Southern Edge of the
Banks of New Foundland and
the thick fogs that rim there envelope
us as a cloud -- passed out in
half an hour, and a clear sky
but still damp -- have in vain
made the attempt to write this
day journal for the edification
of a few favourd one, left behind
that this thing of a sea voyage
does seem to be like an annihilation
of every mental power & faculty
-- In vain does the vacant
mind fly to books, for with

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