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a good library of 150 volumes we
cannot read -- the chefs boards
all lie idle -- and the cars are
trumped -- walking is tiresome
lying still more so -- and
talking is a thing of nought
-- the only resource is to sleep
it off - as to writing, it is too [much?}
for any body to undertake [?]
to avoid the pilory or whipping post
which is about equivilent to being
lashed up to the yard arms.
2nd day 25th
Lat by observ. this day 41° 7'
A dead calm nearly all the
morning -- 2 large whates spouting
(see by the captain) about a mile
from us -- a little breeze about
two o clock - a school of black
fish - somewhat similar to the whale
or grampus - a large fin on the
the back and from 10 to 20ft from snout
to tail -- some of them very near
the ship. For the want
[drawing of fish]
of something better to do ---
as the calm was so complete that
the [?] actually went backwards

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"Grampus" is the old name for an Orca. This from ( "They are sometimes referred to as "blackfish", a name also used for other whale species. "Grampus" is a former name for the species, but is now seldom used."