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has neither ate nor drunk since
we started, and it probably is
six weeks since he left the gulph.
of Mexico from whence he was brot
to N.Y. _ In passing him or approaching,
he gasps as if at Prayer: and if
so, no doubt his petition would
be _ "pray eat me", or like the sailor
boy "please to throw me overboard"
_ Was favourd by request, with corn
bread for breakfast. _ better than
"possom sop" _ 2 more sail in sight
but passed them also with but
little wind this afternoon __.

1st day morning 7 mo 1st
Last night about ten, the wind
sprung up and shifted to the NW since when we
have been moving from ten to 11 1/2 miles
the hour. Nearly all our sail out
and the sea rising from 15 to 20 ft
high apparently. A gallant sight
to be sure to stand on the fore
castle and look astern to see the mounting
of so large a body, apparently
from wave to wave - sometimes it
appears as if we were down in a deep
ravine, and the surface of the
sea above the sides of the ship as

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