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light but were afraid _ Lat 45°
49' _ a few porpoises to windward —
and mother Carey's chickens almost gone

At 2 oclok the wind abated and
reduced our flight to about 9 knots
the hr. This morning went to the bow
and witnessed the effect of so large
a body ploughing the mighty deep _
for 20 yards round the sea would
appear when meeting the ship, as
a boiling soap suds — and a little
distance off sometimes appears as if it
was a remendous cauldron of
water boiling with fury. Longitute
33° 18' and the higest sea that we
have yet had. _ and thro the day
11 1/2 to 8 knots an hour, Course NE.
This day of the week 1st not observed
at sea, as we have none of the
orthodox on board but Mrs Vance
{shorthand} Shaving & dressing
however among the Sailors is
one symptom of "Sabbath" usages
for they look clean & neat and
are here and there engaged reading
the Tracts that are forced
upon them by the righteous

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