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2nd day 7mo 2nd

A thick fog this morning – damp
and rainy – A ship bound to London
(as supposed) with Timber from
Canada within half a mile of us
– pass'd her very soon as we do
every thing else of the ship kind –

The wind aft, with a high swell
which makes us roll from side to
side more than ever – This took
place during the night and
seems to make every thing creak
again – It however produces
no Sea Sickness – My appetite
good but my pulse more frequent
– an uneasy sensation about my
liver, but may be from the
rolling from side to side in the
birth – Damp and rainy all day
– confined me to the cabin or
"jail" as Dr Johnson calls a sea
voyage "with a chance of being
" – have tried in
vain to write something to pass
away the time – 8 or nine knots
an hour & steering E by S. A fine
school of several hundred porpoises
but I dare not venture out to

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