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a surface as this "big branch" is.

— The spray from the breaking of
the waves frequently washes over
the sides of the ship on deck and
often flies to considerable height.

4th day 7mo 4th

This appears by our reckoning
to be the day doomed to give
yankees a head ache, and from
certain symptoms I fear it may
be the case here. — At any rate
we have a watering time to
commence with, as the fog is thick
and seems to pervade every nook
and corner of this floating palace
in which we are confined, with
only two and a half inches between
us and this bottomless gulph
upon whose surface we
are borne apparently at the
mercy of the waves, and wind –
But by the appreciation of those
powers in man, by which the
Heavens are sealed and the
deeps are fathomed. Even the
winds and waves are made subservient
to our safety. – Not that they can
secure it for one moment.– without

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