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A very Good Receipt for ye Stone
Take 5 lb of Horse Raddish 1 lb of French moles
Root 11 English moles Root and Branch, Three Score
Parsoley Roots and Branch 1 Handfull of Pelletory
1 handfull of Foles foott 1 Handfull of Bettony 1 Handful
of mother of Time 1 Handfull of mouse Eare 3 white
Comfrey Roots 2 Red Beach Roots 1 Handfull of
Ground Ivey 1 Handfull of Sinkfoile 1 Handfull of
broad Plantin 1 Handfull of Feild's Succory 1 Handful
of Bome one Handfull of Spiremint, 1 Handfull of Dwarf
Elder's Root these all to be washed very clean
Boyled in 7 Gallons of Spring Water yn Strane out
The Licquor from ye hearb's and Sett it on ye fire yn
Add 1 Quarter of A Pound of Sweet Fennell Seeds 1/4 lb
of Annoseeds 1/4 lb of Carriander Seeds 1/4 lb Docass
Seeds 1/4 lb Carraway Seed's halfe A Quarter of A
Pound of commin Seeds : these all to be brused yn Ad
1/4 lb of Stick Licquorass Sliced very thin 2 ounces
of large mace one of Cloves and one of nutmeggs
the nutmegs and all ye Spcies boyled very well
being Putt together in A Bagg, then Putt in 4 lb of
Dubble Refined Sugar 1 Quart of Honey after ye
Honey and Sugar is desolved in the Affore [Said?] Licquor
take it of and Lett it Stand untill it be Could yn
then work it up with yeast for 24 houres Draw it
of into Bottles and Drink of it as you Please

To Fasten ye Teeth
Take dryed Mint halfe A handfull 2 Pennyworth
of Red Sander Shaven's 2 Pennyworth of mastick
Boyle those in 1 Pint of Spring water and Rub
the Teeth with A Ragg being dipt in ye Same
It will both Fasten and Clence them

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