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A Purge
Take A Purge in Aprill made with Pulvis
Sanctus and Pulvis Senna composit of Each
2 Scruples: creame of Tarter 4 Scruples; Syrup
of Damask Roses 2 Spoonfulls; Spiritt of Salt
5 Drop's; Salt of Wormwood And Scurvigrass
of Each 6 graines mingle all these together and
Take it in A draught of warme Possett Ale
To make A very good Lozinge for a Could
Take English Liquoris 12lb large and Greene
Scrape it from the outward rinde and Cutt it Small
then bruise it well in A morter, and Steep it in 4
Gallons of Spring water for the Space of 24 houres
then Strane it through A Straner very Strongly, and
boyle this Licquor till it be as thick as new
honey; then Add to it of Pure Gumme Arabeck
and gume traganth of each 2 ounces, but first
desolve the gummes in 1 Pint 1/2 of Rose Water and then
mix it with the Juce as Above Sayd then boyle them Againe
upon A gentle Fire till it be So thick as it will
Scarce cleave to your hand's, and then Putt to itt
10 oz of white Sugar Candy made into Small
Powder, and of muske and Ambergreese 10 graines
Powdred with A Little of the white candy in A
Morter Bottome mingle all these together in the
Panne and Stirre them well continually
over ye Fire till the Juce be soe Stiff that
you may Forme them into Flatt cakes and
Print them as you Please

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