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A Diett Drink
Take ye Roots of horse Radishes 3 oz of Red dock
Rootes 4 oz of madder Roots 2 oz of Fenill and Parsley
Roots Each 1 oz and A halfe, of Barke of the Roots of capers
and of Tamariske of Each 6 Drams; of Sweet Fenill
Seeds Aniseed's and Coriander Seed's of Each halfe An oz
of the Hearbe Scabious Agrimony and water cresses
of Each 1 Handfull of Scurvigrass and Brookelime
of Each 2 Handfull's of Senna 3 oz 4 nutmeg's 2 good
Lemon's Sliced; Putt all these well cutt into A Bagg
with halfe A Pound of Rasin's Sliced and Tunne them
up in 2 Gallon's of New Ale, to worke and Refine
for 3 Dayes and then Drink every day A gill att
once Twice A day, to witt morne and midaftern
or once a day as you See cause
Take Bole Almenack 4 lb camphire 1 oz witt
copriss 4 oz boyle your Copriss and camphire together
in A Little Black Pott untill they Become thin
Stiring them well together untill they be hard
then beat them in A morter and Beat your Bole
by it Selfe and mingle them together and Keep
your Powder in A Bladder and when you need take
2 Quarts of Runing Water and Sett it on the fire
untill it begin's to boyle, then take it off the Fire
and Putt 1 ounce of the Powder into the water Stiring
it be could, then Putt the water in A glass and lett it
Stand untill it be cleare, then take the clearest of
the water and wash the sore with it every warme
And lay A cloth 3 Dubble on the Soare being first
wett in the water bind it fast and Keep warme
doe this morning and Eavening

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