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an old aristocratic family, my father was the first
luth. minister there for 21 yrs - there is a sore
pride to let the world know, when we suffer.
I have no influentually [sic] friends - with the loss
of money, I lost friends! My fortune from
home was spend [sic] here in America, to restore
my husbands health. 10½ yrs I struggled - nursed
an epileptic husband, until my means were
exhausted - I had to leave Rev. Kline go to an
institution, kept by the church, as he is incu-
rable - and the worst of all - had to part, yes
tear myself from my four dear children to
make a living. Having never been thrown
upon the world in such poverty - it was
unspeakable hard.- I secured in Cleveland
O, a position, worked for years in a Book Con-
cern and have the best recommendations
from there. Now my boys are with me -
the oldest is trying to earn a little, the other
little fellow is going to school.- I rent
two rooms out and keep two for ourselves.
I would dearly love to have a humble
tidy little Grocery store, the two boys

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