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that my place now, is near my Nellie.
If that dreadful panic had not
come last year, I would have
made a fine sale of my dear
beautiful book, and if I had,
I was going to empty the whole of it
(one hundred thousand dollars)
into your lap, in exchange for
your charming sunny house
in Washington, and how I would
have enjoyed having all my young
people with me, but it was willed
otherwise and now, I go to the
children in place of their coming
to me. I go to the Col's for a while
and then to Nellie's for a longer
visit. Ulysses with his family are still
at San Diego, as is my Jesse with his
family who are so happy just now
in occupying their pretty little house
I have given them. Their letters are
so full of love and gratitude that
I feel more than happy that I

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