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Assistant Professor at Stanford, is now Dean of the Chicago University
Law School at a salary of $8,500, the largest salary paid to any teacher
of Law.

I may add further, that there are about six teachers of law of the
first rank in the East.

These are, in order of reputation, Professor Ames, of Harvard;
Professor Gray, of Harvard; Professor Williston, of Harvard; Professor
Wyman, of Harvard. Perhaps our Jack Reynolds, now professor in
Columbia, should stand next (there is no better man in Columbia). At
Yale, there is none of even second-rate reputation. In England, there
are F. J. Maitland, of Cambridge; James Bryce, late of Oxford; and
Sir Frederick Pollack, of London.

Of these men, the one who could help us most is Professor Samuel
Williston, a young man, who has declined attractive offers in Chicago
and Columbia, and who, of all the men under forty, stands unquestionably

Our Law School could be raised so as to stand second to that of
Harvard, by securing Professor Williston and by adding 20,000 volumes
to the Library.

Mr. Ames might come for a short time only. Professor Gray is
over sixty years old. Williston, Bryce, and Maitland might be considered;
and of these Williston would be of greatest immediate help. All the
force of Harvard would be exerted to keep him.

Very sincerely yours,
David S. Jordan

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