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United States Senate,

Washington, D. C.

several persons, I know to be friends, and they passed favorably
upon the work. I did not want to worry you in regard
to the details as the book progresses feeling that you
knew I would do the best that I could do or that
could be done regardless of the efforts. The publication
was delayed for over three months by Mr. Caminetti, who
delivered a eulogy and then held it back for revision.
We waited for nearly three months for him to return
it and finally had to go to press without it.
He was requested by vote and personally, several
times to send in his address but would not do so.
I did not regret it, for I did not want anything that
was forced to get in the volume, preferring that
it should be spontaneous or not at all. There were other
delays also, but I will not annoy you with the details.

Senator Perkins will send you fifty copies
(or at least, I will do so for him,)

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