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able on the signing of this lease and thereafter all ren-
tal shall be payable annually in advance at the beginning of
each year of the term hereby created. And said second
parties is hereby given and granted the right and privilege
of erecting houses, out buildings and other improvements on
said demised premises, the same to be used for the following
purposes alone and for no other that is to say:-

As a Fraternity House to be used only by The Sigma
Alpha Epsilon House Association, it being specially coven-
anted, agreed and understood that the same shall never, at
any time whatever, be used as a boarding or lodging house.
And said second parties hereby covenants and agrees that they
will commence and complete said house and other improvements
within the period of 1 year from the commencement of this
lease, ready for use and occupation said house and improve-
ments to cost not less than the sum of $6000 and to meet the
approval of said first party or her successors and the par-
ties of the second part covenants and agrees before the
commencement of any improvements to deliver to said first
party of her successors, a complete set of plans and speci-
fications of all improvements proposed to be erected by
them, the same to meet with her approval or the approval of
her successors. Said second parties covenant and agree to
lay a sidewalk of stone asphalt or cement not less that 4 feet
in width in front of said premises on the grade to be established
by first party. The parties of the second part
covenant and agree to hold harmless the first party from
any and all liens occasioned by the erection of said build-
ings or improvements upon said land. Said second parties are
hereby given the right, at their own cost and expense to
connect with all sewer and water mains where necessary, the
cost of water privileges in connection with the premises
to be by said second parties at the expiration of said term


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