Collis P. Huntington

1868-1869 (2 tel) on travel arrangements; 1873 Oct. 24 (tel) CPRR finances [in code with translation]; 1873 Oct. 26 (tel) CPRR finances [in code with translation]; 1874 Jan. 22 (tel) to Mark Hopkins re value of land [in code with translation]; 1885 Jan. 12 (tel) are you running against Sargent; 1886 May 8 to S. Gage, would like to see Sargent as next CA senator; 1890 April 15 retracts his charge against Stanford of April 9; n.d. (tel) against selling of Southern Pacific bonds

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Untitled Page 11

Lathrop selling Southern Pacific bonds almost daily. Speyer think it wrong to do.


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Untitled Page 12

New York, 22 January 1874

Mark Hopkins,

Have you answered my dispatch fifteenth and seventeenth and when If not answer by telegraph and send details by mail. Give value of land received for San Francisco and Sacramento at time grant was made to company. Send by first mail as requested of answer in Brannan suit.

C. P. Huntington

(copy of translation of telegram) (Answer is in writing of Leland Stanford and was forwarded 1/23/74 by Samuel A. Hopkins, secretary of Mark Hopkins)

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New York 22 Jan (1874)

Mark Hopkins

Have you answered my

[code: Misery] dispatch

[code: Dew] of

Fifteenth and seventeenth and when

[code: Cage] If

[code: Real] not


[code: ash] by

[code: retail] telegraph

[code: Kid] and

[code: Bloat] send


[code: ash] by

[code: Bark] mail


[code: palm] line


[code: Dew] of

[code: caper] land

[code: Hinder] received

[code: Lamb] for

[code: consul] San Francisco


[code: Vandal] Sacramento

[code: Hag] at

Time Grant was

[code: Ivy] made


[code: mortar] company

[code: Bloat] Send

[code: ash] by


[code: Bark] mail

[code: Burn?] as requested.

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Untitled Page 14

Telegram (translation)

C.P. Huntington to Leland Stanford 24 Oct 1873.

Von Hoffman tell me they have written Belloc Freres to see you about C.P.RR earnings & when we can pay balance due them

Have told them our floating debt is about $ 300,000 which we intend to pay from earnings

Thinks can get them to carry balance

We must provide for Jany, interest & you must not promise too much

Deposit the 20,000 at once. See my dispatch of 23rd to Hopkins

Must have some to pay current & bills payable here

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Untitled Page 15

Leland Stanford NY [?] (1873) [notation: 123A]


wrist [insert: Van Hoffman] told gore [insert: me] drab [insert: this morning] that aunt [insert: they] jack [insert: have] written curl [insert: to] Belloc Freres curl [insert: to] see ox [insert: you] about badger [insert: CPRR] indian [insert: earnings] kid [insert: and] when nurse [insert: we] oak [insert: can] varnish [insert: have?] [smart?] [insert: the] balance malt [insert: now] jail [insert: due] bruno [insert: them] + flax [insert: I] said curl [insert: to] bruno [insert: them] deal [insert: our] floating debt peg [insert: is] about [soda?] [insert: three] bag [insert: hundred thousand] of which nurse [insert: we] intent curl [insert: to] varnish [insert: have?] lamb [insert: from?] died [insert: our] indian [insert: earnings] flax [insert: I] think [?] [insert: we can] get bruno [insert: them] curl [insert: to] carry balance jail [insert: due] bruno [insert: them] [bridge?] [insert: here] nurse [insert: we] bead [insert: must] seal [insert: provide] lamb [insert: for] anvil [insert: January] linnet [insert: interest] lap [insert: in any event] kid [insert: and] ox [insert: you] bead: [insert: must]


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