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[?] Nev. 16/68
Aug 17th

I am satisfied he can do it.

I think this our policy. We cant stop the U Pacific from grading their line, but we can through Young have our own graded and have it to ourselves to lay track on when we can reach it.

I am giving the subject of this consideration probably we shall be able to get what we want here But the price will be high probably 125 currency -

Charley telegraphs to have the grading done to Humboldt Mills. He should expect to come this side of there with his grader. The Mormons will not work west of the 100 mile contract. I am doing what I can to have others work west and i looks as though we shall have a respectable force. But we must not depend on it. -

(written in right margin)

Do not trust that the idea of demoralizing our forces is abandoned. Durant said if we hire his men he could play the same game. I told him we never did it, that I had refused to contract with his contractors.

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