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Leland Stanford. Salt Lake.
Nov. 21. Recd. Dec 2d 1868
Grading [lit.?] to Ogden City.
Cant take possession of tunnel or Cannon.
Changing line at Promontory mountain.
Thinks Union Co cant get through till spring.
But write so far is favorable to them.

No. 4

Recd. Dec. 2d. 1868.

Salt Lake Nov 21st 1868

Friend Mark

Your letters Nos 7, 8, 9, 10 I found here on my return from the Promontry, I shall hardly be able in this letter to answer them in detail, in time for the mail.

The French Loan Society can wait for their money. They only want it to loan again.

When I saw them last and told them we did not wish to take up our note I told them we would give them 30 days notice when we wanted to pay. They were pleased to have the loan continued. I would not be inconvenienced in order to pay them.

I have let the work from (Weber) Ogden west to Monument to our old contractors Bendra Farr & West. Brigham Young has 1/4 interest in the profits. Mr Gray and I spent part of two days on the

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