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down and he will understand the matter better. Mr Laughlin has arranged so that "balance" note for 18,500 (about) shall go to [Siming?] and [Lenny?] takes Mr Laughlins note 18 months with our endorsements for the balance of his claim, we to hold the lands, [?] 20000 acres & 30 sections as security. In relation to the 1st mortgage bonds that Mr Huntington wrote about as having been used for the purchase of Stock, there wre 210 used. What R Stock Park had [?] accounts for the Bonds used in the purchase at par in currency. I will find out about Dorsey I know there was such a man arround Virginia.

I was expecting to go up to day but from the [judge's?] letter I presume it not to be necessary.

Yours truly

Leland Stanford


Leland Stanford.

May 18. 1867.

As to the [?] Note & its consideration. McLaughlin intends to make [Park?] take it back. Mc accounts for the 210. 1st Mtg. Bond to Park. Will find out who Dorsey is.

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