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bread and cheese and cookies and Ratskeller.

To answer a couple of questions for you- mail during spring through American
express sounds very workable ( I met two Americans in Fieiburg youth hostel who
said it's as fine and very reliable). But it's only good for big cities so when Bridge
and I plan out our trip I'll send you a schedule of when to write where- they
forward what comes too late at anyone town so I'm sure of getting it each time
sooner or later. Nurmberg will more definite later.

Steve summers is in Campo he's a sophomore and was the first member of our
pledge class last spring. Can't remember who he took to the pledge dance last spring-
don't think it was one of the girls you lined up. He's a nice fellow through a little quiet
and not in the Don Roemer faction which made so much noise (and did some good
too) this fall. I don't know he was particularly serious about anyone though
I'm curious to hear who the girl is if you happen of mind out.

Well my good hearted darling it's time for me to do a little work. I have two
papers and 2 finals in the next 8 days and that should be enough to sober anyone,
especially since I also have hours rehearsals toward our concert this Friday and
have almost no chance to get down to Beutelsback to do some needed interviewing
fro my anthro paper. I haven't even been able to get my second haircut of the
quarter yet though I have hopes of Friday morning! Otherwise it will probably
be a week from Friday before I can get it and I'm just a little shaggy around
the ears by now. Arf. Arf!!

Don't forget- I love you! Pppppfffft!!

G'night my darling- my love my life my joy always

Your George

I think I'll include another postcard so you can see the pictures and then
put a little 3 cent stamp on and send it on home. Another roll of film in the
mail today (#3) and should be back in a week. Gonna be lots an' lots of
pictures for us to look at together when I get home! Love you.

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