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25. 1. 60

Hi my love,

As you can see I've run through the whole box of stationary which your family gave me
for my birthday. Form now on it will be on this sort of paper I send you my love. I hope its eaiser
to read. I wont try to write on both sides! They arent kidding when they say Luftpost!

Well today's mail was even better than my fondest dreams- a letter from Mom one from
Maria (I'll see her in Milan) and 3 from you! Im all caught up now and back in 7th heaven.
That was kin of a blu letter I wrote last night and by the time I finished it I was sent
of emotionally exhausted. Id tried to put in words some of my deeper feelings which I dont
really understand much less being able to visualize or theorize. But a accumulation of such
moments may give you an overall picture of what I feel is happening to me and maybe to us. As
often as I say "I love you" and as much feeling of love and you and warmth as such phrases
deeply I cant think they are "the whole picture and by themselves they can cease to communicate
all of what we feel. For i think there is more to love than joy- there is the showing and comforting
in time of sounds on difficulty too. And after all our life together will probably not be as damagingly
simply problem- free and carefree as it has been so far ( think back its hard to think of
even slightly dark moment of any kind). Somehow I feel we have to start now to bring the sad and
difficult out into the open when it comesup so that we learn to think and feel as a unit on these
things too and so that our love is thus depends and more realistic "Pollyana" is both immature
and dangerous. I hope Im not inventing a problem where there isn't one; but anyways these are
my reactions.

See I sound serious so morbid. But I really dont feel that way tonight darling. In fact Im
full of joy and love for you as I usually can only more so. Letters seem to do that- so just keep them
coming! Rush happy to hear about the Columbian Record Club and the start of our collection when I get
back maybe I can join two. How are you and Betsy going to split the records on parting? Golly your
observations on love in your "anniversary" letter are beautiful and a lot like some of my feelings
last night and now. Our love really has becomes such a deep reality and such a central
source of life power to me and I think this was true before but is more visible now that I have
to "draw on the reserve" because the daily source of affection and expression in unavailable. We can see
so many things from this distance that we might never see if we were together. I love you every much
my dearest- Ummmmmm (a great hug and squeeze as I hold you in my arms!) Mac and I have
been talking and looking for what to do with that $20 from your folks; dont worry it will be put to
good use. But I think I'll keep it a secret (T.S>!!!) Until I get "home whatever we get Also I'll
probably keep your birthday present til then too though Im also looking for it already. So that
makes two big surprises plus maybe a few little ones too! As to phone calls- absolutely not! They
are not only expensive but very frustrating and saddening according to everyone who has tried it.
So I will stick to letters nice long leisurely ones. Since he's heard about out trip to Nuenburg
and Macs reactions to it Bob's morale has improved tremendously. Time heals most such things
where the feelings are sure.

And now a little about today! Still warm and springs like but raining lightly now. We had
our weekly student meeting of the lunch today mostly about the coming trip to Rome. Dr. Boerner
outline our schedule etc and the best surprise of all we dont have to be back until Monday at 6 pm
a whole extra day to spend in Italy. So I'll have Friday and Saturday (probably in Florence) and
Sunday (actually Sat and Sunday mostly in Milan) besides the group time in Rome
We have guided tours each morning with good guides who will know the history architecture art etc and
then afternoons and evenings free to wander. One opera only is planned a Verde ("The Power of Destiny").
But there will be plenty to do. We have Sat noon on the train and arrive about 10 AM Sunday in Rome
But there will be plenty to do. WE have Sat noon on the trail and arrive about 10 AM Sunday in Rome
So I may miss a day in lecture writing. But "the thought is there".- i.e. I love you anyways even if I
cant say so by mail from a moving train!

This afternoon a man was here from a student travel agency and I showed him around the
campus and will later act as his information source and help those who want to go home by
student ships. Dr Bourner asked me to do this so he does head out several such jobs among students to
take some load off the very busy staff and faculty. Im glad to be able to and incidentally Dr Bourner
is in my opinion a wonderful man. So considerate and genuaily concerned that each of us get as
much as possible from this experience. He will be a very close friend as time progresses here I
suspect. Well my love no more room and time to study. Sweet dreams tonight and I hold
you in my heart of hearts always.

All my trust and deepest love

Yours George