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Saturday, May 16, 1914

Went to p.o. to send Net of C. to Watt. Then to bank. Wm. B.L. called but I was not in. Did some work. Lunch with Miss H. at Hearth. R. Howe called & Sadie La Porte & Mrs. J. L. Hardy from Tecumseh. Came home at 3. Slept an hr. Dinner at Lincoln Pkway & got 2nd copy ready for Doubleday P. & Co. Very tired. Got to bed around 10.30.

Sunday 17
Got up at 9.30. Prepared copy of Net of C. for D & Page. Washed head etc. Went to bed at 2.30 & slept till 5. Little Marie Juban came in to tell me her troubles. Went to dinner at Pkway. Came home & cleaned my room & did chores. Went to bed early. Fine day but not over warm. Elm trees have small leaves.

Monday 18
Got down early. Lunch at Progressive Club with Ethel. Mrs Havelock Ellis was there. Mailed copy to D & Page. Mr Martin called to tell me how mad Haag was. In afternoon Miss O'N & I made sandwiches for the class to hear Miss H. & Mr Mullenbach on Publicity. Walked home with Miss O'Neil. Nice warm night.

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