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to it to join the rest. [Inserted above: They rule by no distinct or precise laws but by custom & precedents.] Kings or chiefs who
rule the rest they have act, [Inserted above:Europeans have erroneously attributed such titles to them] they have [indecipherable]
a [indecipherable] term to signify a chieftain or ruler.
though some [indecipherable] warrior or a man of
much shrewdness & ability, [Inserted above: especially one of their doctors] may often [indecipherable]
a [indecipherable] influence and may be called
Ginnemai, or a father or a teacher, but his influence
will be chiefly excercised on the Gang Men.
In fact the Gang Men are under great
[indecipherable] to the elderly ones. This is one of
the chief hindrances to [indecipherable] or [indecipherable]
them. The old men are obstinately adhering
to their own habits & customs & use various
means to deter the Gang Men from [indecipherable]
[indecipherable] their old ways whilst the women old
& young are [indecipherable] subjected to the [indecipherable]
of the old men as I shall on a future occasion
if desired more fully explained.
I have yet [indecipherable] of some of the most interesting
customs & [indecipherable] amongst the Aborigines
such as the [indecipherable] of the women, certain customs
as to marriage their [indecipherable] relationship, certain
war-scenes & combats that take place amongst
them, the [indecipherable] ceremony of making [indecipherable] [indecipherable]
their funeral ceremonies their corroborrees [indecipherable] above
all the peculiarities of their language with their
various dialects, should the [indecipherable] and the
committee [indecipherable] to take up the [indecipherable] again
in another lecture, I shall if spared [indecipherable].

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