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wonderful cures, by various means
and maneuvours. I then stated
that I had fully ascertained another
faith viz: that they believe in a
superior being called Baiamai
to whom they in their simple way at-
tribute the idea of an eternal exi-
stence of goodness and of great, if
not omnipotent person, with whom they
also suppose some superior beings
to reside, he being supposed to [indecipherable]
towards the [indecipherable] of the [indecipherable]. I have
further intimated that the [indecipherable]
of a fure state is not quite foreign
to them whatever [written above: errors] absurdities they
may mix up with the same. These
ideas existing among them are to
my mind at least as I intimated a
confirmed [indecipherable] of the argument used
in natural theologyfor the existence
of the Deity that every nation & tribe
however ignorant & degraded had
some impression left of a Supreme

I then made various statements as
to their general character some of their

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